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Roth IRA

What Happens to My Roth IRA When My Income Increases?

by Sophia Bera March 20, 2019

I frequently recommend Roth IRAs to my clients as part of their retirement savings strategy. Because you contribute after-tax income, millennials who are still establishing their careers (and therefore are in a lower tax bracket) can lock in a lower tax rate on contributions now, and then pay no taxes when withdrawing money in retirement […]

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trust funds

How Do Trust Funds Pay Out?

by Sophia Bera February 21, 2019

Whether you’re the recipient of a trust fund or you’re setting one up for the benefit of someone else, it’s important to understand the basics of how trusts work. Trusts can be complicated, but they’re also helpful estate planning tools that allow people to pass their wealth down, while in many cases bypassing the expensive […]

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Thumbnail image for How to Make a Plan for Your Charitable Giving

How to Make a Plan for Your Charitable Giving

by Sophia Bera November 21, 2018

Holiday donation drives are in full force, and you may be considering how to allocate any spare amount of money you can give toward causes you care about. I often discuss charitable giving with clients, because believe it or not, it’s an important part of an overall financial plan. If you want to read more […]

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restricted stock units

The Gen Y Planning Guide to Company Stock: What Are Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)?

by Sophia Bera October 10, 2018

This is the fourth post in a series on employer stock programs. Check out the previous posts on Incentive Stock Options, Non-Qualified Stock Options, and Employee Stock Purchase Plans. Like other forms of company stock, Restricted Stock Units, or RSUs, are granted to employees to attract, reward, and retain them. This can be when you’re […]

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Non-Qualified Stock Options

The Gen Y Planning Guide to Company Stock: What are NSOs?

by Sophia Bera September 5, 2018

This is the second post in a series on employer stock programs. Non-Qualified Stock Options (NSOs, or sometimes called NQSOs) allow employees to purchase shares of company stock over a defined period of time. Similar to Incentive Stock Options (ISOs), NSOs are included in company benefits packages to help attract and incentivize talent. You may […]

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Most Popular Posts

The Top 5 Gen Y Planning Blog Posts of the Year

by Sophia Bera July 25, 2018

Nothing inspires my writing more than what my clients and readers (like you!) ask me about. Since I started my blog, your questions, like your lives, have become more complicated. I want to highlight the most popular blog posts of the past year, because they cover some meaty topics that I know many of you […]

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