build wealth

5 Ways to Build Wealth in 30 Minutes or Less

by Sophia Bera September 18, 2019

You’re ready to get your finances organized and begin making your money work harder for you, but knowing where to start is difficult. It doesn’t help that financial planners have traditionally given clients a novel-length report of findings and recommendations complete with complicated charts and graphs. Taking a stack of papers home and trying to […]

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Thumbnail image for How a Decision Matrix Can Help You Make Big Choices With Confidence

How a Decision Matrix Can Help You Make Big Choices With Confidence

by Sophia Bera August 28, 2019

Adulthood also means making choices, from small decisions like what to eat for dinner, to bigger ones like which work project to begin tackling first. And making a choice can be scary! What if you make the wrong one? Some consequences aren’t a big deal, like deciding to try a new restaurant and not liking […]

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simplifying your life

How Simplifying Your Life Can Save You Mental Energy (and Money)

by Sophia Bera August 21, 2019

Any time you move to a new city or travel for awhile, it gives you a new perspective on your life. I just returned from doing a bit of both. A few months ago, I finished my lease on my apartment in Austin, sold off much of my stuff, and put the rest in storage. […]

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get rich slowly

Wealth Doesn’t Happen Overnight — Here’s How to Get Rich Slowly

by Sophia Bera July 17, 2019

You daydream about quitting your job if you won the lottery. The truth is, for most people, accumulating wealth takes time. Getting rich slowly isn’t what most people talk about, but it’s the real path to wealth. It’s not sexy or exciting — it’s pretty much like watching paint dry. Very few people develop an […]

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marie kondo

The Marie Kondo Approach to Decluttering Your Budget

by Sophia Bera June 19, 2019

I’ll admit that I don’t have the patience to create a detailed budget myself (I practice “reverse budgeting” — make automatic contributions into savings, retirement, and investing accounts, set aside money to pay all my bills, and spend freely out of what’s left). It’s a system that works for many people, but sometimes you crave […]

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Give family money

How to Help Your Family Financially Without Going Broke

by Sophia Bera May 22, 2019

As Gen Y gets older, we’re reaching financial stability in greater numbers, and that means that the family members who helped us out financially for so long may need our help now. Baby Boomers are getting older, and that can come with increased medical expenses, or even retiring in a less secure position than they […]

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