Financial Planning

Not sure where to start to make smart financial decisions? We can help. 

You’re a young professional who lives in a city and loves to travel. Over the years you attended prom, went to college, got a job… and now, officially an adult, you feel like you’re supposed to have it all figured out. You’ve a lot going on: growing your career, getting married, starting a family, paying off student loans, changing jobs, buying a home, trying to save what you can, and more.

And you want to know where to start. You want to talk to someone who you can relate to and someone who understands you. That’s why I started Gen Y Planning: because we didn’t learn about these things in school and now it’s time. (And because I got tired of helping rich old white guys get richer, but I digress.)

My approach is to help you use your money to match your values so you can live an incredible life. I’m not here to shame you around choices you’ve made in the past, but I am here to help figure out a plan to maximize your current situation so you can reach your goals even faster!

As a Financial Planning client, you’d get:

  • A free 30-minute consultation to assess your current financial situation and walk you through the financial planning process.
  • A 90-minute Initial Discovery meeting via video conferencing where we talk more in-depth about your financial goals and concerns.
  • A 90-minute Plan Delivery Meeting, which includes:
    • A 10-15 page financial plan that starts with a net worth statement and ends with a 1-page action checklist.
    • Recommendations in the following areas: cash flow planning, debt repayment, investments, retirement planning, insurance, estate planning and tax planning.
    • An asset allocation on your 401(k) or work retirement account(s).
    • A review of your company benefits package and detailed recommendations to help you maximize the benefits your employer offers.
    • A recommendation of the credit card that fits your needs based on your spending.
  • 60-minute follow-up meeting every 4-6 months, or as a major life event comes up, to check your progress.
  • A CFP® and Associate Planner who you can reach out to via email any time as your situation changes.
  • Investment advice is available for 70 basis points. I use Betterment for Advisors as my investment management platform, which charges a platform fee of 20 basis points.
  • Recommendations for other financial professionals such as estate planning attorneys, CPAs, and insurance agents.

If you’re ready for actionable financial planning advice to help you find clarity around your money, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to stop making haphazard decisions about your finances and instead talk to a fee-only CFP® who can help you get on track so you can reach multiple financial goals simultaneously.

Cost: The initial planning fee starts at $1,500, followed by a monthly retainer that starts at $149 per month.