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2017 Money Moves

17 Quick & Dirty Money Moves You Can Make in 2017

by Sophia Bera January 11, 2017

It’s a new year, and you are pumped to make some changes to your finances. Only you don’t know where to start and you’re afraid to make a mistake. You’ll totally get around to it, though … once you’re done with a bunch of other chores you just remembered you had to do right now. […]

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Weighing a job offer

Weighing a Job Offer? Look Beyond the Salary

by Sophia Bera July 27, 2016

You’ve been job hunting for months, and you finally receive a job offer. You’re desperate to get out of your current job, and the salary they’re offering looks decent enough, so you should just go for it, right? Eh, maybe. If you think of a job offer as a pie, the salary is but a […]

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Student debt

Is Student Loan Debt Worth It?

by Sophia Bera October 21, 2015

When you’re weighing whether or not to take out loans to complete your education, it’s hard to avoid the news about the student debt crisis. The college class of 2015 was the most debt-laden in U.S. history, with an average debt of $35,000 per student. It begs the question: is all this debt worth it? […]

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job hunting tips

Tips to Improve Your Job Search

by Sophia Bera September 23, 2015

Let’s face it: hunting for a new job can be tough. With so many qualified candidates applying to a limited pool of job openings, it’s common to be rejected in favor of a more qualified applicant. And that’s assuming a company even replies to your application in the first place — which they don’t always […]

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networking made easy

How to Make Networking Come Naturally

by Sophia Bera August 26, 2015

I’ve attended a lot of conferences this year and it’s one of my favorite times to network. I get to hang out with my friends and meet other cool people who share similar interests and goals.. Through conferences, I’ve also landed speaking gigs, new clients, and interviews in the media. This just happened to me […]

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Thumbnail image for 5 Signs It’s Time to Start Your Own Business

5 Signs It’s Time to Start Your Own Business

by Sophia Bera May 6, 2015

Entrepreneurship offers a world of opportunities for those who can manage being their own bosses and running their own businesses. I believe it’s the new job security for my generation. No longer are you at the mercy of your boss — you can take action and create your own work, career, and business. But that […]

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how to negotiate a raise

4 Steps to Negotiate a Raise You Deserve

by Sophia Bera March 25, 2015

Whether you just landed a new job or worked in your position for over a year, you might find it intimidating to negotiate a raise in pay. It’s tough to talk about money and ask for more. You want to make sure you are not overstepping your boundaries, or asking too much — but you also want […]

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tax information you need to know for 2015

Tax Information You Need to Know for 2015

by Sophia Bera December 17, 2014

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from the upcoming Gen Y Planning ebook, What You Should Have Learned About Money But Never Did: A Gen Y Guide to Empowered Personal Finance. You can get updates on when this ebook will be published and available right here. When you sign up for the ebook updates list, you’ll […]

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hsas for millennials

Why I Love HSAs for Millennials

by Sophia Bera November 19, 2014

As a new employee, you may be confused by all the health insurance terms out there: what are PPOs and HDHPs, and how are they different? What’s going on with this (relatively) new option, the HSA? And which one makes sense for me? Let’s start with the basics. Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) vs. High Deductible […]

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gen y entrepreneur

3 Things Gen Y Needs to Know about Becoming an Entrepreneur

by Sophia Bera June 4, 2014

Every day that you rely on someone else to provide you with a paycheck is a day you’re making a really big gamble. It may sound counterintuitive, but being an employee in someone else’s business is actually pretty risky. It’s true that working for someone else used to be the “safe” option. Twenty or thirty […]

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