As a Millennial, do you need to worry about estate planning?

Do Millennials Need an Estate Plan?

by Sophia Bera September 10, 2014

Estate planning? Really? Yes, really. It’s no one’s favorite topic and can be uncomfortable to think about. No one wants to imagine a worse-case scenario or simply not being here anymore. And it’s really difficult to think about when you’re so young and just revving up to the best years of your life. But stop and […]

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Cut Your Expenses and Save $200 Per Month

20 Tips to Save You $200 or More Per Month

by Sophia Bera August 27, 2014

FinCon Expo, AKA the Financial Blogger’s Conference, is right around the corner and it got me thinking about the basics of personal finances. I’ve always loved posts with tips on trimming your expenses. I don’t normally include posts like this on my blog, but sometimes we have to get back to the basics. Trimming spending by […]

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Can money buy happiness for Gen Y?

Can Money Buy Happiness for Gen Y?

by Sophia Bera August 13, 2014

A lot of emphasis is placed on saving money when we talk about personal finance. Saving more and spending less equal financial success, right? Fundamentally, yes, but that doesn’t mean all spending is bad. Spending money becomes an issue when it’s spent mindlessly on things that don’t bring us happiness. Or when we spend money […]

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credit score

Understanding Your Credit Score and How to Improve It

by Sophia Bera July 30, 2014

Why should anyone care about their credit score? Regardless of your personal feelings on credit, loans, and credit cards, the reality is that financial institutions you may need to work with in the future use it as a measure of how financially responsible you may be. It’s kind of like your GPA of your finances. […]

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Build Up Savings or Pay Down Debt

Should I Build Up Savings or Pay Down Debt?

by Sophia Bera July 16, 2014

If you’re like most Millennials, you have a lot on your plate. And you’re trying to do it all, too! It’s wonderful that you’re so driven, but trying to juggle many financial priorities at once can quickly become complicated. After all, most of us only have so much cash to go around each month. When […]

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summer guide for gen y grads

A Great Summer Guide for Gen Y Grads

by Sophia Bera July 9, 2014

Just graduated college, but feeling confused about how to manage your money in the real world? You’re not alone. As much as a college education was stressed to Gen Y as critical and essential, no one put the same emphasis on financial education. The result is many of us feel unprepared and lacking money management […]

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burden of student loans on gen y

Infographic: The Burden of Student Loan Debt on Gen Y

by Sophia Bera July 2, 2014

According to a recent survey released by Wells Fargo, Millennials know the steps to financial success. We say we know the importance of saving now and living beneath our means. But in the same survey, about half of Millennials admit to not saving at all. They say they think they’ll be able to start saving […]

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gen y emergency fund

The True Tale of the Turkey Break-In (and Other Reasons You Need an Emergency Fund)

by Sophia Bera June 18, 2014

When you’re young, you can feel like you’re invincible. Bad things — or even just the weird and unexpected — happen to other people, not you. Right? Well, maybe. Until you come home to a wild turkey sitting in your living room. One of my Gen Y Planning clients actually had this happen to her […]

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gen y money

My Media Clips for Millennials: Tips to Help Gen Y Better Manage Money

by Sophia Bera June 11, 2014

Gen Y Planning was founded with the intention of helping Millennials with their financial planning needs in order to empower my generation. Part of that mission is spreading advice, information, and knowledge about better money management skills for Gen Y far and wide. The segments I did with my local news network, Fox 9 News, […]

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gen y entrepreneur

3 Things Gen Y Needs to Know about Becoming an Entrepreneur

by Sophia Bera June 4, 2014

Every day that you rely on someone else to provide you with a paycheck is a day you’re making a really big gamble. It may sound counterintuitive, but being an employee in someone else’s business is actually pretty risky. It’s true that working for someone else used to be the “safe” option. Twenty or thirty […]

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