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Stash Your Cash: How Do You Compare?

by Sophia Bera February 25, 2015

American Express recently released a survey that shed some light on the savings habits of Americans for 2015. The survey shared not only what people are saving for, but where they’re saving — and that includes stashing cash in secret places around their homes! It was also interesting to see what, specifically, Millennials are saving for […]

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The Gen Y Guide to Empowered Personal Finance is Here

by Sophia Bera February 11, 2015

Ever felt like you missed out on critical financial education? Too many of us in Gen Y feel that way, and no wonder — if your parents didn’t teach you about money or set a good example for you to follow, you probably didn’t learn about money anywhere else. There’s no required course in grade school that explains […]

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What Should Your Emergency Fund Look Like?

by Sophia Bera January 28, 2015

Starting an emergency fund can sound like a daunting task. 3 to 6 months’ of your income, in one place? That’s a big number! You may think you don’t even need an emergency fund. But don’t be fooled into this line of thought. After all, it’s hard to know exactly when an unexpected expense will pop up […]

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making a plan for 2015

Make a Plan for Your Money in 2015

by Sophia Bera January 14, 2015

Ready to create an amazing year for yourself? After some reflection on last year’s finances, you’re ready to think about how you’ll do more with your money in 2015! (If you’d prefer a cartoon version of kicking butt with your money goals in 30 minutes, head over to my friend, Stephanie Halligan’s blog, The Empowered Dollar. Otherwise, keep […]

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reflecting on your finances

Reflecting on Your Finances in 2014

by Sophia Bera December 31, 2014

According to Fidelity’s most recent annual study, 31% of Americans will make financial resolutions for 2015. Of that group who wants to focus on finances when the calendar hits January 1 again, over half want to save more and the median goal is to save $200 per month. But before you look ahead to the goals you […]

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tax information you need to know for 2015

Tax Information You Need to Know for 2015

by Sophia Bera December 17, 2014

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from the upcoming Gen Y Planning ebook, What You Should Have Learned About Money But Never Did: A Gen Y Guide to Empowered Personal Finance. You can get updates on when this ebook will be published and available right here. When you sign up for the ebook updates list, you’ll […]

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positive relationship with money

How Gen Y Can Build a Positive Relationship with Money

by Sophia Bera December 3, 2014

Personal finance scares a lot of people. It seems too serious, too complicated, or too inaccessible to not only understand but also master. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Money can be about joy, doing what you love, and living the life of your dreams. I’m on a mission to help members of […]

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hsas for millennials

Why I Love HSAs for Millennials

by Sophia Bera November 19, 2014

As a new employee, you may be confused by all the health insurance terms out there: what are PPOs and HDHPs, and how are they different? What’s going on with this (relatively) new option, the HSA? And which one makes sense for me? Let’s start with the basics. Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) vs. High Deductible […]

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gen y save more money or earn more money

Gen Y: Should You Save More or Earn More?

by Sophia Bera November 5, 2014

Here’s what I love about Millennials: our generation wants to learn about money. Young professionals want to know how to be better with money than their parents and their peers. They want to avoid making the same mistakes, and they want to ensure their financial future is secure. I love that Gen Y is eager […]

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Financial Roundup: My Best and Favorite Posts from AOL’s Daily Finance

by Sophia Bera October 22, 2014

My latest piece for AOL’s Daily Finance just went live this week, and this one was a lot of fun. I wrote up a few ideas I picked up and lessons learned from the financial bloggers I got to spend time with last month at a media conference. I was reminded of the importance of saving for […]

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