marie kondo

The Marie Kondo Approach to Decluttering Your Budget

by Sophia Bera June 19, 2019

I’ll admit that I don’t have the patience to create a detailed budget myself (I practice “reverse budgeting” — make automatic contributions into savings, retirement, and investing accounts, set aside money to pay all my bills, and spend freely out of what’s left). It’s a system that works for many people, but sometimes you crave […]

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Small group coaching

NEW Financial Planner Small Group Coaching Program!

by Sophia Bera October 31, 2018

“You and your team rock. I am still trying to find my own path towards success and feel that modeling after you and your guests have pushed me in the right direction. I also feel that I have a class mates that I can reach out to in addition to Gen Y Planning. This support group […]

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