June 2018

5 Entrepreneurship Takeaways

5 Big Takeaways From My First 5 Years In Business

by Sophia Bera June 28, 2018

I can’t believe that I launched Gen Y Planning in May of 2013! I just celebrated my five-year anniversary by taking a trip to London to see Hamilton on the West End with my business bestie, Mary Beth from Workable Wealth. Our box seats included our own personal butler and the show was fantastic! Like […]

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Supporting Family Financially

Ask Gen Y Planning: How to Financially Support Family?

by Sophia Bera June 16, 2018

This question was submitted by a reader! Do you have a money question you’d like Gen Y Planning to answer in a future blog post? Submit it to genyplanning.com/askgyp. What should the financial planning look like when you have a parent who has no retirement saved up and won’t be working much longer due to health […]

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