January 2016

Recession-proof your finances

Are You Prepared to Ride Out the Next Recession?

by Sophia Bera January 27, 2016

The stock market experienced quite a few drops in January, causing a frantic debate in the media over whether or not another recession is coming. You might have been in college during the 2008 recession, or recently graduated and struggling to find a job. Or maybe you were a few years into your career and […]

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Millennials, their parents, and money

Why Mom And Dad Aren’t Your Financial Planners

by Sophia Bera January 13, 2016

When I meet with potential clients, I get a sense of what’s on Millennials’ minds when it comes to their money. Many of you have the same concerns — things like saving, paying off debt or saving for retirement. But I’ve noticed a trend that I didn’t anticipate: potential clients who want to get permission […]

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