September 2015

job hunting tips

Tips to Improve Your Job Search

by Sophia Bera September 23, 2015

Let’s face it: hunting for a new job can be tough. With so many qualified candidates applying to a limited pool of job openings, it’s common to be rejected in favor of a more qualified applicant. And that’s assuming a company even replies to your application in the first place — which they don’t always […]

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intermediate financial tips

You’re Doing Really Well Financially: Now What?

by Sophia Bera September 9, 2015

When you’re first getting your financial act together, the advice you’ll get pretty much boils down to: Create a budget Build up emergency savings Pay down debt Contribute enough to your 401(k) to get a company match, and fund a Roth IRA as well if you can You built up a solid career, got out […]

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