March 2015

how to negotiate a raise

4 Steps to Negotiate a Raise You Deserve

by Sophia Bera March 25, 2015

Whether you just landed a new job or worked in your position for over a year, you might find it intimidating to negotiate a raise in pay. It’s tough to talk about money and ask for more. You want to make sure you are not overstepping your boundaries, or asking too much — but you also want […]

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fear of spending money

4 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Spending So You Can Enjoy Your Cash

by Sophia Bera March 11, 2015

In our quest to save money for emergencies, retirement, and future goals, it’s easy to develop a fear of spending money. But that’s not the right money mindset — or a healthy one — to maintain. As long as you can cover the basics, like having an emergency fund and saving consistently for retirement, you are allowed […]

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