July 2018

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The Top 5 Gen Y Planning Blog Posts of the Year

by Sophia Bera July 25, 2018

Nothing inspires my writing more than what my clients and readers (like you!) ask me about. Since I started my blog, your questions, like your lives, have become more complicated. I want to highlight the most popular blog posts of the past year, because they cover some meaty topics that I know many of you […]

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Becoming a Financial Advisor

Ask Gen Y Planning: How Do I Become an Amazing Advisor?

by Sophia Bera July 11, 2018

This question was submitted by a reader! Do you have a money question you’d like Gen Y Planning to answer in a future blog post? Submit it to genyplanning.com/askgyp. What is your best advice for someone like me (23 years old, almost a CFP) who is wanting to be the best advisor they can be? First […]

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