July 2016

Weighing a job offer

Weighing a Job Offer? Look Beyond the Salary

by Sophia Bera July 27, 2016

You’ve been job hunting for months, and you finally receive a job offer. You’re desperate to get out of your current job, and the salary they’re offering looks decent enough, so you should just go for it, right? Eh, maybe. If you think of a job offer as a pie, the salary is but a […]

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myths of home ownership

Don’t Fall For These Myths About Homeownership

by Sophia Bera July 13, 2016

If you currently rent, I’m willing to bet that at least one friend or family member has said something like this to you in the past year: “You should buy a place. It’s a good investment.” “You can always sell it or rent it out if you need to move.” “Renting is throwing money away.” […]

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