October 2015

Student debt

Is Student Loan Debt Worth It?

by Sophia Bera October 21, 2015

When you’re weighing whether or not to take out loans to complete your education, it’s hard to avoid the news about the student debt crisis. The college class of 2015 was the most debt-laden in U.S. history, with an average debt of $35,000 per student. It begs the question: is all this debt worth it? […]

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Investing in yourself

The Importance of Investing in Yourself (and How to Do It)

by Sophia Bera October 7, 2015

As a financial planner, I talk a lot about investing your money wisely. You might want to invest in a new home, in grad school, or in the stock market. But we can expand this conversation to include other types of investing, too — like investing in yourself. Happiness comes from investing your money, time, […]

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