August 2015

networking made easy

How to Make Networking Come Naturally

by Sophia Bera August 26, 2015

I’ve attended a lot of conferences this year and it’s one of my favorite times to network. I get to hang out with my friends and meet other cool people who share similar interests and goals.. Through conferences, I’ve also landed speaking gigs, new clients, and interviews in the media. This just happened to me […]

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wedding season travel hacking

Travel Hack Your Way Through Wedding Season

by Sophia Bera August 12, 2015

Ah, wedding season. You’ve probably had a year or two when your fridge is so covered in save the dates and invitations that you had to go buy more magnets to hold them all up. As much as you enjoy witnessing your good friends get married, you can’t not think about how much attending all […]

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