June 2015

dating and debt

Dating & Debt: Meet the One Without Spending the Hundred

by Sophia Bera June 17, 2015

The stigma against online dating is gone and only a quarter of Millennials are married, so a whole lot of Gen Y is putting themselves out there. With free apps like Tinder and OkCupid, it’s never been easier to meet people. But going out on multiple expensive dates a month can blow your budget in […]

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financial freedom in 3 steps

How to Reach Financial Freedom in 3 Steps

by Sophia Bera June 3, 2015

Picture the kind of life you want to have. Maybe you’ll retire at 40 to travel the world, or buy a loft condo in Brooklyn, or send your future kid to Harvard. Those dreams take money (a lot of it!), and can seem so far away when you’re still in your ramen-for-dinner phase. But if […]

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