Financial Planning for the Next Generation

by Sophia Bera on April 8, 2015

Financial planning for the next generation is more important than ever. Over the next 30 years, $30 TRILLION in wealth will transfer from one generation to the next. There’s a clear need to provide financial planning services to members of Gen X and Gen Y, as they’re going to be seeing that wealth and will need guidance on how to manage it.

As a result, financial planning is no longer just for rich old men. Myself and others are working toward making it more accessible to a younger generation. To do that, I offer initial meetings with clients followed by a monthly retainer. Clients can then fit the cost into their monthly budget with ease.

Additionally, my peers — members of the Millennial generation — value convenience. The best way to reach them? Virtually.

I don’t have an office and I meet with clients via Skype or Google Hangouts. It’s more convenient for everyone involved and no one has to worry about commuting.

As a bonus, this means I can live a location independent lifestyle. As long as I have reliable internet, I can check-in with clients from anywhere in the world. Plus, my clients can be anywhere in the world too! It provides freedom and flexibility for everyone involved. Many of the people I work with value travel like I do, so we can not only connect over shared interests but also get important work done no matter where we are.

There is a great need for more financial planners, so if this sounds like a field you’d be interested in, look into it!

The Power of Connecting (in New Ways)

The financial planning industry is changing, and it’s about time. As new kinds of people seek help, planners need to find new ways to provide service, connect with their clients, and offer real value.

Too many financial planners dismiss social media or being active with a website and blog. But this is how many people connect with others now. It’s how we can show others what we know and what we can do. It’s also an amazing way to build a sincere connection with the people we want to help.

That’s why I love writing blog posts that share ideas, advice, and tips on money for Gen Y. I value providing guidance and knowledge that people can apply right now in their own lives — not confusing the people who need help with complicated graphs or charts that make no immediate sense to them.

And that’s why I tweet frequently and interact with others online. I want to develop that connection with people, and from there we can develop a relationship. I want to be accessible, open, and real with the people I work with, and social media and blogging make that possible in new ways that didn’t exist twenty years ago.

Providing Choices that Make Sense for Gen Y

Another way things are different at Gen Y Planning — and for Gen Y clients? I provide more than just one way to get the financial advice and answers 20- and 30-somethings deserve. My services include two different programs designed to fit your life:

  • Financial Accountability Program
  • Quick Start Sessions

With the Financial Accountability Program, you receive a comprehensive financial plan that will deliver actionable financial planning advice to help you find clarity around your money. You can learn more about the program here.

Or you can try a Quick Start Session, where we take a deep dive into one or two pressing financial issues and provide you with a solution. You can see if this program makes more sense for you by checking out the details here.

If you’re interested in working with me on either program, I’d love to chat with you. You can schedule a call and we’ll sit down for a free 30-minute strategy session.

Gen Y Deserves Financial Planning!

The reason I want to provide financial planning to the next generation is because sometimes, Gen Y gets ignored by older, traditional advisors. It’s time to change that, because we all deserve good financial advice. It doesn’t matter how old we are or how much money we have. It’s about what we can build together.

Bringing financial planning to Gen Y means doing things differently. It means working virtually to accommodate Millennial needs and preferences. It means creating an affordable plan for young professionals, because I want to help my clients grow their wealth — not make them figure it out on their own before I’ll talk to them and help. And it means providing more than one way to access critical financial know-how that Gen Y needs to succeed.

Gen Y needs financial planning, but more importantly, my generation deserves financial planning. It may mean doing things differently than how “it’s always been done,” and that’s okay with me.