April 2015

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Wholly Healthy: How to Stay Physically and Financially Fit

by Sophia Bera April 22, 2015

Editor’s Note: This post comes to us from Gen Y Planning team member, Megan!  What does it mean to be wholly healthy? When people talk about overall health and wellness, they usually refer to exercise and nutrition; maybe even relationships, career, and spirituality. What typically gets ignored is your financial health. So really, what do […]

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financial planning for gen y

Financial Planning for the Next Generation

by Sophia Bera April 8, 2015

Financial planning for the next generation is more important than ever. Over the next 30 years, $30 TRILLION in wealth will transfer from one generation to the next. There’s a clear need to provide financial planning services to members of Gen X and Gen Y, as they’re going to be seeing that wealth and will need […]

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