The Gen Y Guide to Empowered Personal Finance is Here

by Sophia Bera on February 11, 2015

Ever felt like you missed out on critical financial education? Too many of us in Gen Y feel that way, and no wonder — if your parents didn’t teach you about money or set a good example for you to follow, you probably didn’t learn about money anywhere else.

There’s no required course in grade school that explains basic principles of smart money management. There’s no personal finance 101 in high school or college. And it’s a shame, because many Millennials don’t feel empowered to make wise decisions around their finances because they simply never learned how or what they needed to do so.

If you can relate, I’ve got a solution for you. I’m thrilled to share that my first ebook is now available! It’s called What You Should Have Learned About Money, But Never Did: A Gen Y Guide to Empowered Personal Finance, it’s available on Amazon, and it’s the how-to on money that you deserve to get you on the right financial track.

Get Sneak Peaks

If you want to get a better feel for What You Should Have Learned About Money, But Never Did: A Gen Y Guide to Empowered Personal Finance covers, Business Insider did a number of posts that gave some sneak peaks into the ebook. Check those out here:

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Prefer to listen to exclusive interviews and get my take? I also did some podcast interviews that you can tune into here:

Read the Write-Ups

I really appreciate all the people who talked about What You Should Have Learned About Money, But Never Did and provided reviews of the ebook. You can take a look at those mentions and write-ups here:

And of course you can also read my own summary that I wrote on the Gen Y Planning blog that talked about how Gen Y can build a positive relationship with money.

Get Your Own Guide!

Ready to pick up your own copy? You can purchase my ebook for just $4.99 on Amazon. Once you read your copy, please let me know what you thought! You can send me your feedback — or I’d love if you left a review on Amazon so others can benefit from your thoughts.

I’m thrilled that What You Should Have Learned About Money, But Never Did is now published and available. I hope it’s a valuable, educational, and actionable read for you.

Thank you to all those who helped me through the process of creating and sharing the word about this ebook, and thank you to all those who have supported this project by purchasing a copy.

I’m excited that you can now learn what you should have about money, but never got a chance to — so you can start feeling empowered about your finances and able to achieve your goals and grow your wealth.