November 2014

hsas for millennials

Why I Love HSAs for Millennials

by Sophia Bera November 19, 2014

As a new employee, you may be confused by all the health insurance terms out there: what are PPOs and HDHPs, and how are they different? What’s going on with this (relatively) new option, the HSA? And which one makes sense for me? Let’s start with the basics. Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) vs. High Deductible […]

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gen y save more money or earn more money

Gen Y: Should You Save More or Earn More?

by Sophia Bera November 5, 2014

Here’s what I love about Millennials: our generation wants to learn about money. Young professionals want to know how to be better with money than their parents and their peers. They want to avoid making the same mistakes, and they want to ensure their financial future is secure. I love that Gen Y is eager […]

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