Financial Roundup: My Best and Favorite Posts from AOL’s Daily Finance

by Sophia Bera on October 22, 2014

My latest piece for AOL’s Daily Finance just went live this week, and this one was a lot of fun. I wrote up a few ideas I picked up and lessons learned from the financial bloggers I got to spend time with last month at a media conference. I was reminded of the importance of saving for tomorrow without depriving yourself of any fun today, how anyone can get a good deal on travel, and how you can pursue your passion in many different ways (without jeopardizing your financial security).

I really love getting to share experiences, information, and advice on Daily Finance. But there’s just one problem — it’s all different content that what I discuss here at Gen Y Planning. I don’t want you to miss you! So today, I wanted to quickly recap some of my favorite and most valuable posts that I’ve written on AOL’s financial home.

Last Year’s FinCon Experience

This year wasn’t my first at the FinCon Expo, the financial media conference where I get to rub elbows with some hotshot bloggers. I attended in 2013, as well, and that also inspired a Daily Finance post. I wrote up some of the differences in viewpoints and advice between financial planners and financial bloggers.

Ultimately, we have the same goals: financial stability and eventually, financial independence. We want to do more with our money and help others do the same so we can all enjoy financial success. But planners and bloggers tend to differ on some main points of advice.

(And speaking of goals, don’t miss the post I wrote that outlined 6 big financial goals 20-somethings should work toward!)

Do you get your money tips from bloggers, planners, or a bit of both?

Investing 101 Series

In addition to the last post I wrote on the GYP blog about investing terms you need to know, I’ve provided a few different “investing 101” type posts over on AOL. If you’re wondering about the basics and want to learn more, you may enjoy reading up on my explanation of some common financial assets bought, sold, and traded in the market:

These even have some nice short videos to go along with them to help visually illustrate some of the concepts! Are there any other Investing 101 posts you’d like to see as part of this series?

For the Entrepreneurs

If you have an independent, entrepreneurial streak, you may enjoy the posts I’ve written that cover resources, lessons learned about small businesses, and ideas for making more money. Back at the beginning of the year, I shared four ideas for making more money throughout 2014. Later in the summer, I added to this by coming up with three ideas that could turn into lucrative side hustles for those who were willing to learn and work.

In the past, I’ve shared my five favorite podcasts for entrepreneurs. And I talked about my personal experiences with earning my theatre degree — and how that actually taught me a lot about running a small business.

For the Savers

Everyone wants to know how to save more money. I like adding to this discussion and showing people that really is possible to save enough to meet your biggest financial goals — even if you need to start small. If you’d like a little inspiration to get you pumped up about your savings, check out these posts that I shared on Daily Finance:

Don’t Forget to Protect Yourself!

Although I haven’t written any posts on Daily Finance that discuss insurance and what you do (or don’t) need, many of my financial planning friends have shared their thoughts on the subject. If you’d like to learn more, you can read Mary Beth Storjohann’s post about the importance of disability insurance — or check out Jeff Rose’s article on why he’s not sold on whole life insurance.

Do you have any ideas for future Daily Finance posts, or any questions you’d like to see answered in my column there? Let me know!

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