June 2014

gen y emergency fund

The True Tale of the Turkey Break-In (and Other Reasons You Need an Emergency Fund)

by Sophia Bera June 18, 2014

When you’re young, you can feel like you’re invincible. Bad things — or even just the weird and unexpected — happen to other people, not you. Right? Well, maybe. Until you come home to a wild turkey sitting in your living room. One of my Gen Y Planning clients actually had this happen to her […]

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gen y money

My Media Clips for Millennials: Tips to Help Gen Y Better Manage Money

by Sophia Bera June 11, 2014

Gen Y Planning was founded with the intention of helping Millennials with their financial planning needs in order to empower my generation. Part of that mission is spreading advice, information, and knowledge about better money management skills for Gen Y far and wide. The segments I did with my local news network, Fox 9 News, […]

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gen y entrepreneur

3 Things Gen Y Needs to Know about Becoming an Entrepreneur

by Sophia Bera June 4, 2014

Every day that you rely on someone else to provide you with a paycheck is a day you’re making a really big gamble. It may sound counterintuitive, but being an employee in someone else’s business is actually pretty risky. It’s true that working for someone else used to be the “safe” option. Twenty or thirty […]

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