Book Review: The Millennial Game Plan by Laura Shin

by Sophia Bera on May 21, 2014

Collectively, Gen Y has a lot on our plates. We’re dealing with things like student loan debt and underemployment while trying to get our adult lives figured out.

It’s not fun to admit we don’t have all the answers (especially since we thought we would have gotten it together by now). But the good news is that if you feel this way, you’re certainly not alone. And your questions aren’t going unanswered, either.

Enter The Millennial Game Plan: Career and Money Secrets to Succeed in Today’s World, a Forbes ebook written by Laura Shin.

I’m thrilled about the release of this book for two big reasons: one, because it’s a great read for any member of Gen Y, and two, because I was one of the experts featured in its pages! (Did you catch the adapted post Forbes published recently?)

What The Millennial Game Plan Lays Out for Gen Y

The Millennial Game Plan is a quick read, but one that gets to the point. It’s packed with valuable information and actionable ideas for taking charge of your career, your education, and your finances. Specifically, Laura Shin covers topics including:

  • Why today’s world is different for Gen Y, and what that means for our careers and finances
  • How to create a better career – complete with higher earnings
  • What all the fuss is over entrepreneurship (and how to become an entrepreneur yourself)
  • Who would really benefit from grad school and who could probably skip an advanced degree (complete with guide to help you determine where your situation leaves you in regards to this issue)
  • How to handle your finances with the only three money principles Gen  Y needs to know

3 Guiding Money Principles for Millennials

Although some experts call the time where Gen Y came of age “the lost decade,” we don’t have to let this become some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. Millennials do have the power to take charge of the finances, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute my thoughts for Laura to share via the book on this subject.

The meat of the book really focuses on how Gen Y can not only survive but thrive in any economy. It’s a skill that’s crucial for our generation to learn, as we were pretty well sandwiched between two very big and very painful recessions.

Laura spends many pages providing a game plan for Millennials who want to better their careers, boost their incomes, and succeed in life. I loved that she wrote such a clear guide for those wondering where to turn next – and the only thing I love more is that she didn’t stop there. She took the time to consider what we need to do after we score those awesome jobs with higher-paying salaries.

The Millennial Game Plan provides information, advice, and clarity on how Gen Y can better manage their money. The no-nonsense guide to doing awesome things with your finances will help any Millennial wondering what on Earth they need to do now that they’re “in the real world” and making real money.

So what are the only three money principles Gen Y needs to succeed?

Live within your means. This means spending less than you earn, people! Pro tip: this also means spending considerably less than you earn. You won’t get ahead if you make $2000 per month and spend $2000 per month. Because then you won’t be able to…

Invest ASAP. Take some of your earnings and start building your wealth. That doesn’t mean calling it a day after taking a couple bucks from your paycheck and stashing them in a savings account down at the bank (though you should be doing a little of that in addition to investing). You need to invest your money and give it a chance to grow. The Millennial Game Plan includes an example of why this is crucial that will blow your mind if you haven’t already figured out how amazing time + compound interest can be.

Make more money. Yup, we said it. The truth is, there is only so much you can save. So earn a raise, negotiate your salary, or explore other options on the side of your full-time work. The more your earn, the more you can invest. The more you can invest, the more financial secure and stable you’ll be.

Ready to grab your own game plan? You can snag a Kindle version of this ebook on Amazon – and be sure to check out Laura’s other posts on Forbes when you finish reading her handy guide to Gen Y success in today’s world.