5 Female Entrepreneurs Tearing It Up Online

by Sophia Bera on March 12, 2014

March is Women’s History Month and while I know quite a few kick-ass women entrepreneurs myself, many people don’t know that there are some awesome entrepreneurial women doing remarkable things. That may be because folks don’t even recognize those entrepreneurs because we sometimes self-identify with other words like consultant, coach, freelancer, small businesses owner.

But it’s my hope that more women continue to embrace the word “entrepreneur” and use it to describe their work. Sometimes it takes identifying a few amazing women in the community before it becomes within reach.  So today, I’d like to point out some of my favorite women who are rocking the web when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneur with a Business on the Road: Elisa Doucette

Elisa Doucette (@elisadoucette) is an entrepreneur who has her own location independent freelance writing business. She’s a writer and editor, and she takes her work with her as she travels the world!

This post was actually inspired by the recent Tropical MBA podcast where Elisa was the guest and spoke about Where Are All the Women in the Digital Nomad Community? Elisa is an amazing person and she is so inspiring. In addition to running the Dynamic Circle business operations over at the Tropical MBA, she also has a Forbes column called Shattering Glass, which is fab! (Check out her recent post on a Filipina Business Woman Having it All).

In addition to being so down to earth and helping me a few years ago when I reached out to her via email, we were lucky enough to meet in person at a conference.  She’s even cooler in person!

Starting an Entrepreneurial Revolution: Paula Pant

I was just visiting Paula Pant (@AffordAnything) in Atlanta a few weeks ago and she helped inspire this post on My Favorite Way to Spend Money. After leaving a career in journalism to travel around the world for two years, she came back she started the blog Afford Anything while freelancing full time. Part of her business is to show others how they can “join the revolution,” be freed from the 9-to-5 grind working for someone else, and design the lifestyle that you truly want.

As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also created a business out of her passion for rental real estate. What started with the purchase of a triplex, soon became a portfolio of multiple properties. She shares her experiences with renovations, costs, and the highs and lows of being a property manager on her blog and she captures it in a way that makes the words jump off the page. Paula really sets your wheels turning and makes you think about how you can start utilizing some passive income streams of your own.

Fun story: we became friends after I emailed her a few years ago and she later saw me quoted in MONEY magazine and reached out. Because Paula and I were two of the only women in our 20s reading MONEY magazine, we’ve been friends ever since!

Solopreneur on a Mission to Help Others: Carrie Smith

Carrie Smith (@carefulcents) never thought she’d be able to quit her full-time job to be a writer, community builder, and overall entrepreneur. What started as a dream to get out of debt lead to a side hustle, and soon she was working two full-time jobs. Her “side business” had grown so much that she had to quit working for someone else and become a full time entrepreneur!

She runs the blog Careful Cents and she is committed to “help recovering workaholics and driven solopreneurs discover financial freedom in order to earn more money in less time.” She is super smart, driven, and really freaking awesome at what she does – and she’s one of the most humble people I’ve ever met (in other words, she has no idea how awesome she is!).

Entrepreneurial Powerhouse Happy to Live Out of a Suitcase: Natalie Sisson

Natalie Sisson (@suitcasepreneur) is known as the Suitcase Entrepreneur and has a book by the same name. She offers a wide array of online products, workshops, and coaching. On top of all that, she is a fabulous marketer who has a lot to teach any aspiring entrepreneur about growing their business.

She works from anywhere with an internet connection, but she tends not to jet set every week. Instead, she spends a few months at a time in each location she visits. Natalie also has a wonderful podcast where she features other entrepreneurs who are running successful location-independent businesses.

Quick Tip: If you’re already an entrepreneur looking to streamline your business and connect with a micro-community of like-minded business owners, then check out her High Flyer Club.  (Natalie is the only one of these women who I haven’t met IRL, but I hope to someday! I hear from Jaime Tardy that she is as awesome in person as she is online!)

Entrepreneur with Podcasting Flair: Jaime Tardy

Jaime Tardy (@eventualmillion) is a tech-savvy business woman who is a great example of someone whose journey out of debt lead to creating a wonderful blog, podcast, and successful career as a business coach. She even has a new book out!

I received an advance copy of The Eventual Millionaire, and it’s wonderful. It’s packed full of quality information about millionaires she’s interviewed on her podcast over the past few years. She was able to synthesize the information and discover the commonalities amongst the millionaires, which she shares with her readers to help show what kinds of key traits are needed to build wealth and reach that magical one mil number.

If Jaime sounds like the kind of person you want to learn more about, you’re in luck! I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be interviewing Jaime for the Gen Y Planning Blog later this month, so stay tuned!

My hope is that by introducing you to these entrepreneurs, you’ll realize not only how much they rock – but how you can also create your own business and life that matches your goals and values as they’ve done. Currently there are still many more male entrepreneurs than female entrepreneurs, but I suspect that will start to shift over the next few years. We really need more women to shake up the online space to inspire others to reach their entrepreneurial goals.

PS – If you want to read more about these fantastic ladies, I’ve featured some of these women before in these posts: Why Entrepreneurship Is the New Job Security for Gen Y and 5 Podcasts That’ll Help You Think Like An Entrepreneur