I Just Bought a Brand New Pair of…

by Sophia Bera on November 20, 2013

EYES!  (Get you mind out of the gutter!)  Yes, I had LASIK eye surgery on Wednesday and it’s so awesome to wake up and see my alarm clock.  I even took this quick video to show you how I really feel:

(Notes about the video: I am a stage actor and hate being on camera, so be gentle.  I did it in one take and without makeup.  You can’t wear makeup for a week after LASIK.  Apparently, this is a deal breaker for some women, which I find hilarious!)

Some Recent Observations:

  • When did I get so much gray hair?
  • It’s so much easier to pluck my eyebrows!
  • Eww…my shower has soap scum.  When did that happen?!?

The Questions Everyone Asks:

Were You Scared?

Terrified.  I’ve been considering getting this procedure for almost five years but I didn’t have the guts until now.  Because I kept thinking I was going to get LASIK, I didn’t update my glasses prescription for the past four years so I was wearing contacts almost every day because my lenses were so out of date.

What Did It Feel Like?

It was uncomfortable, but not painful.  The scariest part was having your eyelashes taped back and you’re your eyelids forced open.  This is the best way I can describe it is to imagine you’ve been abducted by aliens and to access your brain you’re forced to stare at a bright laser.  A few minutes later you feel disoriented and then things are a little foggy afterwards.  But the aliens let you go.

 How Much Did It Cost?

The whole procedure including three follow up appointments and prescription eye drops was (drumroll please) $3,200.  Side note: I used my Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for the procedure.  If you have a high-deductible health insurance plan, make sure you add an HSA.  More and more employers are offering this combination as an option in their company benefits packages.  (Check out The Post That Could Save You Thousands: How to Maximize Your Company Benefits).  I figured that I was going to be dropping close to $1,000 in the next few months on new lenses, contacts, and frames (since I was still wearing my frames from college).

I believe it’s an investment in myself and the long-term benefits more than outweigh the cost.  (Plus, I figure that I’d break even in the next 5-7 years with the costs of contacts and yearly eye exams).  If you’re interested in reading about my friend Paula Pant’s LASIK experience, it was this post from Afford Anything that helped me take the plunge.  Thanks, Paula!